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This guy was shot in wal Mart after being seen with a toy rifle, cops told him to get down on the ground AFTER they shot him


This guy was shot in wal Mart after being seen with a toy rifle, cops told him to get down on the ground AFTER they shot him

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A mother’s worst nightmare.

She was preaching

this gave me chills

Black woman who lost her son just preached on systemic racism, antiblackness, Black ppls internalized self-hatred and white supremacy. 

But some of y’all missed it 

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why would you want to be an offensive stereotype for Halloween

when u can be



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Check in at if you have any other questions.

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Israel Destroys Entire Gaza Neighborhood In An Hour

July 29th, 2014

An entire Gaza neighborhood is decimated within an hour by Israeli air strikes. The video is further proof that Israel has no regard for the life of innocent Palestinians.

Israel attacked Gaza’s only power plant on Tuesday, leaving the Palestinian territory’s 1.8 million residents with no electricity or running water and opened the possibility of an even graver humanitarian crisis.

After three weeks of violence between Israel and Gaza, more than 1,100 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli air and ground strikes. About 75 percent of Palestinian deaths have been civilians. Several thousand have been wounded and more than 100,000 displaced. Fifty-three Israeli soldiers have died, as well as three civilians.

Just look at the casualties. This is not a war, it is genocide.

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George Takei describes the moment when he and his family were sent to an internment camp.

"Another scene I remember now as an adult is every morning at school we started the day with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag…there was the American flag flying over the camp but I could also see the barbed wire fence and the sentry towers pointing at us from my schoolhouse window as I recited the words ‘With liberty and justice for all’." - George Takei, The Daily Show (July 24, 2014). 

Full Episode (apologies, The Daily Show website does not have the best video player). 

To Be Takei documentary official website. 

- Mod Dawes Sr. 

This brings me to tears. I hate this country.

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NEED ROOM/COUCH - Chattanooga, TN


My Name’s Steph, I’m a 19 Y/o MTF from Chattanooga, and after my graduation of college, i am getting thrown out of my parent’s house. I do have a job and can help with utilities, but i am starting to get desperate on housing options, and the 11th of August, is the day i get tossed out. if anybody can help, please help. Thank You

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"You just might not understand it yet. But it’s cool. Family is super cool. Going home to one girl every night is super cool. Just going home and getting on the floor and playing with your child is super cool. Not wearing a red leather jacket, and just looking like a dad and shit, is like super cool. Having someone that I can call Mom again. That shit is super cool."

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still important

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You cannot be racist to white people

just like you can’t fire your boss

because you don’t have that power

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